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Healthbox, a HIMSS Solution and healthcare advisory firm, drives innovation from the inside and out, helping organizations build internal innovation programs, assess the potential of employee-led projects, and look to the market to find solutions to implement or invest in.

Our History

Healthbox launched in 2010 as one of the world’s first healthcare-focused accelerators. In partnership with leading healthcare organizations, we set out with the goal of supporting entrepreneurial innovation to drive the industry forward. Through our work, we recognized that innovation must be embraced on a larger scale across the industry to truly empower the reinvention of healthcare. In 2014, Healthbox launched advisory services to help organizations develop their own innovative strategies and programs to support exponential improvements in the service and delivery of care. Healthbox advisement has enabled transformative results, including the commercial launches of caregiver-led projects, pioneering the first sustainable and longest-running innovation program partnership, and delivering actionable strategies that continue to produce lasting impact. Since March 2018, Healthbox has been a part of HIMSS, the worldwide leader enabling the promise of better health through information and technology. Together, we are empowering the reinvention of healthcare on a global scale.

Our Team

Neil Patel Web Square

Neil Patel
President, Healthbox & EVP, HIMSS

Julie Campbell Web Square

Julie Campbell
Director, Innovation Consulting

Evan Cohen Web

Evan Cohen
Associate Principal, Strategic Investing

Jess Debakey Web Square

Jess DeBakey
Manager, Innovation Consulting

Matty Francis Web Square

Matty Francis
Principal, Strategic Investing

Justin Gernot Web Square

Justin Gernot
Vice President

Reed Goldberg Web Square

Reed Goldberg
Associate, Strategic Investing


Natalia Kokszka
Operations Coordinator 


Tony Mango

Analyst, Innovation Consulting


Yuriy Onyskiv
Manager, Innovation Consulting

Callie Patel Web Square

Callie Patel
Director, Innovation Consulting

Jeff Ries Web Square

Jeff Ries
Managing Director, Strategic Investing

Johanna Smith

Johanna Smith
Program Manager, Marketing 

Advisory Board


Devin Gross


Larry Leisure


Sumit Nagpal

Healthbox Office Hours

Healthbox provides open office hours to BIPOC and women founders in the healthcare services and technology spaces to support and encourage entrepreneurship for underrepresented groups. 

Entrepreneurs are invited to sign up for 1-1 feedback related to their

  • Sales approach/business model
  • Pitch preparation
  • Fundraising advice.

Inviting all qualified founders to sign up for a session here!


There are no open positions at this time. Please check back for updates.

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