Healthbox Forum events bring together healthcare leaders and innovators in a small group setting to explore important industry topics and to think creatively about how to implement actionable change. This November, we invited a group of stakeholders from across the industry to explore innovating behavioral change in healthcare. Building off this momentum, we are excited to share insights from the Healthbox Forum to spur more discussion across the innovation community.
Getting a pilot is hard. Going from that pilot to a full-scale implementation is even harder. With the abundance of new and promising technologies and solutions coming to bear in the digital health space, healthcare systems and organizations are becoming more refined in terms of what types of innovation they want to embrace. From the outlook of the entrepreneur, this means that not only does it remain difficult to get a first pilot, but also increasingly challenging to take that successful pilot to scale throughout a system. Yet there are certain tried and true tactics and means to increase the likelihood of adoption.


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