This October, Healthbox and our network of industry leaders came together to support entrepreneurial innovation, working with ten digital health startups through the 2018 Healthbox Studio.

The annual, five-day program works to advance emerging healthcare startups through program content and relationship building between the participating companies, Healthbox team, and a broad mentor pool of healthcare leaders, investors, and industry partners. While Healthbox no longer hosts traditional accelerator programs, the Healthbox Studio continues our legacy of supporting and advancing entrepreneurs in healthcare. Ten startups are selected each year to participate. This unique program is free of charge to all participating companies with no required equity exchange.

Learn about each of the companies working to empower the reinvention of healthcare and hear more about their program experience below.

Avhana Health delivers interventions within the EHR that empowers providers to make better treatment decisions.

The Healthbox Studio was an amazing accelerant for our company! It provided a great opportunity to hear from world class speakers and talk to health systems that would normally take months to schedule. — Nate Weiner, Co-Founder & CEO, Avhana Health

BenRevo’s suite of solutions empower insurance carriers to streamline distribution, utilize analytics and drive operational efficiency.

The Healthbox Studio was an action-packed week that helped provide insights into all things important to an early stage startup, including go-to-market, sales, product validation, investment, piloting with providers, and culture. [Healthbox] provided mentor sessions with key influencers and decision-makers at potential clients that we would have normally had a very difficult time getting connected with on our own. It was an extremely valuable use of our time and I’d recommend it to any pre Series A company in the health tech space. — Jimson Tharayil, Co-Founder & CEO, Ben Revo

CoHealth is a personal health manager delivered to patients at the point of care in hospitals and primary care facilities that engages and educates patients, reduces patient leakage, and drives better outcomes for patients and cost savings for care providers.

The amount that we learned through the mentorship opportunities about scaling and making meaningful change in healthcare has been second to none. We are so grateful for this opportunity and will be heavily leveraging this experience as we go on to expand from our existing 19 health system partnerships and raise our seed round in the coming months. Thank you to the entire Healthbox team for an incredible week! — Zack Fisch Rothbart, Co-Founder & CEO, CoHealth

Ejenta is an AI platform for remote health monitoring, using NASA-licensed technology and IoT device data, that allows clinicians to detect and predict health deterioration earlier and more accurately.

Feel is an emotion-sensing wristband and an app that provides real-time monitoring and personalized interventions, for people that suffer from Anxiety and Depression.

The ImageMover platform transforms enterprise imaging to improve the quality and cost of care while optimizing patient and provider experience.

The Healthbox team paired us with mentors that offered invaluable insight on effectively and efficiently growing our business in the healthcare IT space. — Gaby Frazer, COO, ImageMover

MedPut is an employee benefit that provides interest-free financing for every employee’s out-of-pocket healthcare expenses, while eliminating patient accounts receivable and collections burden for provider organizations.

Navimize improve s patient satisfaction and increases efficiencies by eliminating patient wait times.

The Healthbox Studio came at a great time in our company’s life cycle. We’d completed several pilots and our first major EHR integration, and were gearing up to market and sell our product. The lectures and individual mentor meetings provided great insights into how to best position and message our product and our company, how to engage efficiently with health systems, and practical tips on landing early customers. At Navimize, we look forward to continued engagement with the great startups that participated in the program with us, with the Healthbox team and mentors, and with the greater Healthbox community! — Jennifer A. Meller, Co-Founder & CEO, Navimize

Valhalla Healthcare’s Allevia is a fully patient-driven AI assistant that automates clinical documentation for healthcare providers.

Veta Health offers providers and payors technology solutions to more effectively and efficiently manage patient health under value-based care.

The Healthbox Studio week was a fulfilling experience for the Veta Health team. We enjoyed the opportunity to reflect and couldn’t wait to get back to New York to begin incorporating key lessons from our mentors, advisors, colleagues, and the broader Healthbox team into our business model and activities. — Tanvi Vattikuti Abbhi, Co-Founder, Veta Health

Learn more about the Healthbox Studio program here.

2018 Healthbox Studio Recap


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