Have you ever had to manage an innovation initiative, such as a new accelerator program, employee crowdsourcing campaign or innovation challenge? How did you go about planning for its launch? You’re likely familiar with the concept of the “golden triangle” – people, process, and tools – as the vital elements to any business process. Perhaps you used this concept to get started. Here at Healthbox, we support and advise on many kinds of innovation initiatives. Regardless of their nature, it takes all three components to achieve an ROI on the initiative. What is surprising is the repeated lack of tools employed to make the (very busy) people more efficient. Innovation or idea management software should be a no-brainer in many situations.

Let’s use an accelerator or innovation challenge as an example. Without a tool, applicants probably applied by email or by completing an online form, which then may be received by email and not compiled with those from other applicants. This can cause an inbox to get out of hand quickly, especially if there are applications in the hundreds.

Moving past the intake process, think about how ideas are evaluated without innovation management software. Without the assistance of a tool, the selection process is at risk of being based on gut feelings or the loudest voice versus bespoke evaluation criteria that create a standardized, fair judging process that raises confidence in decisions made. Without the use of innovation management software, judges or selection committees might email their favorite choice, with qualitative rationale, which then puts the onus on the receiving individual to collate and balance out those reasons (more email!). Perhaps, in a slightly superior approach, Excel online or a Google spreadsheet with scoring and formulas is used. This is not without barriers, such as access and security concerns, to name a few.

The team at KidsX recognized these many (not insurmountable, yet inefficient) pain points. As a lean team who runs many initiatives and delivers an outsized impact, they knew they had to find ways to work smarter.

After researching and talking to peers at innovation departments from other health systems, the KidsX team chose to use Idealy to power their programs. Idealy allows them to configure intake forms, aggregate judge scores and responses, and display them in a clean, digestible manner enabling confident and efficient decisions.

The KidsX team leveraged Idealy to assess and select from a pool of 427 applications from 31 countries, through multiple evaluation rounds. The team shared that it was a great improvement over their previous processes (not unlike the difficulties described above), because of how much time it saved them and the collaborative experience it facilitates. The capability most valued is the innovation management software that displays judging outcomes in aggregate vs. one by one. What’s more, Idealy enables a sophisticated yet highly intuitive process for external contributors and subject matter experts supporting KidsX programs.

The latest use case on the innovation management platform will be collecting pain points from KidsX members to begin prioritizing the types of solutions that will be focused on in the upcoming 2022 class. Idealy has a feature, ‘the Feed’, where users can submit their contribution and also engage with other user submissions via likes and comments. The organic and seamless creation of rich insights from these interactions can be invaluable. Users can sort by time and popularity, as well as filter by specific tags, which will be how pain points will be prioritized.

There are numerous ways Idealy can be utilized, and the use cases are growing as more and more organizations join us on the platform. Some of those are:

• Run thematic innovation competitions, usually ending with a grand prize or pilot

• Engage the workforce for feedback and ideas

• Create thought leadership through topic-based forums

• Make data driven investment decisions, instead of emotional ones

• Source external solutions to make objective decisions

We can’t wait to see what KidsX does next!

Schedule an Idealy Demo with the Healthbox team: https://www.healthbox.com/idealy-schedule-a-demo/ 

Driving Collaborative Decisions to Launch a Global Accelerator


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