This week we kick off the first episode in our 3-part series on the topic of Behavioral Health in the digital healthcare space! Our featured interview is with Chris Novak, who is the COO of the Behavioral Medicine Service Line at AMITA Health.

During the interview, we discuss: Chris’s background and role at AMITA Health, what types of tools AMITA Health use as it relates to behavioral health innovation, and Chris provides some great advice to entrepreneurs in what they should be thinking about when pitching a health system and where this industry is still in need of innovation.

In our conversation, Chris and I discuss:

  • Chris’s  background, his role at AMITA Health, and his areas of interest
  • How Amita Health is utilizing products to allow patients to capture their symptoms outside of therapy/treatment and to prevent relapse
  • If Chris thinks tele-psychiatry or computer-based therapy is a more promising option for effective treatment
  • What Chris is looking for in terms of digital behavioral health solutions and the teams behind those solutions
  • Chris’s insights on what he looks for when he rolls out new innovation at Amita Health
  • How Amita Health structures pilots and what should a smart entrepreneur build into their pilot pitch
  • What Chris thinks current Behavioral Health technology is getting right at this moment and where he thinks there is still opportunity for improvement and innovation
  • What excites Chris most about healthcare innovation right now and who he would like to hear speak about it

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Episode 10: Chris Novak, COO Behavioral Medicine Service Line at AMITA Health


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