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This week, our interview features Sean Lane, Founder of CrossCHX, for the first part of our series around Patient Identity in Value-Based Care. CrossChx is a platform and app that securely stores a user’s medical history, prescriptions, and more all on a smartphone. A user can share their profile with any provider they want, eliminating paper forms while protecting a user’s medical identity.

In this episode, Sean and I discuss:

  • Sean’s background and how he came to found CrossChx
  • How the CrossChx platform works and how it solves a variety of healthcare inequities
  • Why Patient Identity in Value-Based Care is an important problem to fix and why patients need to own their Identities
  • How this moves us toward a value-based care model rather than traditional Fee-For-Service
  • How CrossChx is approaching building in AI and Machine learning and a “Digital assistant” to make sure physicians see the most important and relevant data
  • Sean’s strategy around raising funds from both Midwest-based firms like Drive Capital in Columbus, OH, and from Khosla Ventures on the West Coast
  • How the differing geography of CrossChx’s investors has played a role in the help they are able to provide
  • Sean’s thoughts on the future of value-based healthcare models

Connect with Sean Lane:

Connect with CrossChx:

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Episode 16: Sean Lane of CrossChx


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