On our episode this week, our interview features Chris Olsen, Co-Founder and General Partner at Drive Capital, for the second part of our series around Patient Identity in Value-Based Care! Chris is a Cincinnati-native, but previously was a partner at Sequoia Capital beginning in 2006 before co-founding Drive Capital in 2013. He joins Neil Patel, COO & President of Healthbox, and myself in this episode to discuss the move to Value Based Care and the investment opportunities this shift has created.
In this episode, Chris, Neil, and I discuss:

  • Chris’s background and how he came to start Drive Capital
  • Why Chris is interested in the Value Based Care space and what about the companies he has invested in made him say “yes”
  • As an investor who is not solely focused on the healthcare space, what are some of the things Chris needs to be comfortable with as he evaluates investments
  • The advantages/disadvantages to having a broader investment focus
  • Whether or not Chris thinks we are in a “bubble” as it relates to investment dollars in the venture capital space
  • If 10 years down the road, companies were no longer focused on building toward value, what Chris believes they would be building toward
  • What Chris thinks about the future of value-based healthcare models

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Episode 17: Chris Olsen, Partner at Drive Capital


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