Today we have another great bonus episode featuring Glenn Winokur, Senior Advisor to Healthbox. Before Glenn came on board with Healthbox, he was Co-founder and CEO of Syapse, a company which he Incubated from an idea in a Stanford class to a market leading venture funded start-up that provides a precision medicine data platform enabling healthcare providers to use molecular profiling to diagnose and treat patients. Under Glenn’s leadership over an 8 year period, Syapse raised over $40m in venture funding. Prior to Syapse, Glenn was the CEO of Scalix and Chief Operating Officer of NetIQ, respectively. In addition to Healthbox, Glenn is an advisor to the University of Illinois, Stanford University, and UCSF. And with all this experience, Glenn has become an angel investor with investments including Puppet Labs, Cloud Sherpas (now part of Accenture), SchoolMessenger (now part of West Corp), Syapse, and Panthenon.

In today’s episode we cover:

  • Glenn’s background and role with Healthbox
  • The story behind Glenn’s first investment and how did he arrived at the financial position to do so
  • What draws Glenn to investing in Healthcare and why
  • The key things Glenn wants to see if a company that he invests in
  • How important Glenn’s background scaling companies and acting as CEO has been in his investing strategy
  • What Glenn thinks entrepreneurs should consider about when raising from angels

Connect with Glenn:

Connect with Healthbox

Episode 27: Glenn Winokur, Senior Advisor to Healthbox


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