This week we have a great episode with Myra Hager of Baylor Scott & White Health and Dore Murphy formerly of Pager!

Myra is the Director of Digital Health at Baylor Scott & White Health (BSWH) where she manages population health innovation strategy and project execution with a goal of achieving better population health by substantially improving outcomes, driving costs down, empowering their ACO and Health plans with digital solutions, as well as create opportunities for new business models to achieve population health.

Dore was formerly the VP of Marketing at Pager, a company that is Reinventing the traditional doctor-patient experience by making quality care more convenient and accessible by sending a board-certified doctor to treat urgent care needs, at any location, summoned directly through their app. Prior to joining Pager, Dore led marketing at Sum and has a great experience working for a number of years at the New York TimesIn November of 2016, BSWH and Pager announced a partnership to bring Pager’s services to BSWH’s network in the Austin area.

In this episode we cover:

  • What the partnership between Pager and Baylor Scott & White Health looks like and the parameters of the pilot
  • How this collaboration came together
  • Why Health Systems are the perfect partners for Pager and the types of services that will be offered
  • Where Dore and Myra see Telehealth playing into the future of on-demand healthcare and how Baylor Scott & White Health has approached it
  • How Pager and Baylor Scott & White Health think about maintaining efficiency in using clinicians for their on-demand healthcare offerings
  • Where Dore and Myra see the future of on-demand healthcare going and how it will transform the way medicine is delivered now

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Myra Hager

Dore Murphy

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Episode 28: Myra Hager, Director, Digital Health at Baylor Scott & White Health and Dore Murphy, formerly VP, Pager


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