This week’s episode is the first part of our new podcast series around Interoperability. Joining host Chuck Feerick on the program is Niko Skievaski, the Co-founder and President of Redox. Based in Madison Wisconsin, Niko started Redox in 2014 to reduce barriers to entry in healthcare technology and has thus created a Modern API for EHR integration. Niko is a board member and co-founder of 100State, Wisconsin’s largest co-working space as well as co-founding BreadcrumbsQA, a searchable Q&A knowledge management platform originally deployed at Epic.

In this episode, Chuck and Niko cover:

  • Niko’s background and the path that led him to start Redox
  • The problem Redox solves, how Redox works, and why a solution like Redox is so important
  • Redox’s partnership with CloudMine and what the partnership looks like, as well as other partnerships
  • What the current state of the interoperability market looks like today and what sets Redox apart
  • The interplay between FHIR and the APIs the government promised in the 21st Century Cures Act, as well as the new marketplaces from companies such as Athena, Cerner, and Epic
  • What Niko says has been the hardest part about building the company
  • What the fundraising process was like for Redox and how Niko helped investors understand the magnitude and ROI on this problem
  • Why Niko and team decided to found the company in Madison, Wisconsin and how Madison is in terms of its startup community and resources

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Episode 32: Niko Skievaski, Co-Founder & President of Redox


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