On this week’s episode, we welcome Leland Brewster back on the program for the second part of our series around interoperability in healthcare! Leland is the Director of Fund Management for Healthbox and supports Intermountain Innovation Fund-related activities and heads Healthbox’s seed investments in addition to supporting portfolio management efforts across all of its investment vehicles. Prior to joining Healthbox, Leland worked for Clarion Healthcare, a boutique life sciences consultancy in Boston. At Clarion, he was involved in multiple product commercialization and launch readiness projects, as well as the design and launch of a one-of-a-kind patient and physician support program. Leland received his BA in Economics and Chemistry from Williams College and received his MBA from Chicago Booth.

In this episode, Chuck and Leland discuss:

  • The Intermountain Innovation Fund and the areas the fund is interested in investing
  • What the evolution of the thesis of the fund has looked like and what led to that progression
  • How the Intermountain fund differentiates from other strategic hospital funds and how they work with other strategic hospital funds
  • How the relationship between Redox and Healthbox came to be and how that evolved into an investment
  • How Leland looks at the current state of interoperability
  • How Intermountain became interested in making an investment in Redox
  • What about Redox and the team made Leland say “yes”

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Episode 33: Leland Brewster, Director of Fund Management, Healthbox


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