Our guest today, Drew Schiller, Co-Founder & CEO at Validic, joins Chuck on the Podcast for the final episode in our series around interoperability in Healthcare. Validic is a technology platform for convenient, easy access to digital health data from best-in-class clinical and remote-monitoring devices, sensors, fitness equipment, wearables and patient wellness applications.

Prior to co-founding Validic, Drew founded and ran a web development firm, founded and exited a niche dietary nutrition website for patients with celiac disease, and served as an Adjunct Instructor at the University of Iowa teaching graduate courses in web development and usability. Drew is currently a Board Member of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) Health & Fitness Technology Division and serves on the Leadership Council for the eHealth Initiative (eHI) and participate in the eHI Interoperability Workgroup. On top of that, he is also an advisor for the Clinical Trials Transformation Institute Mobile Devices Project to advance the use of mobile devices in clinical trials.

In this episode, Chuck and Drew discuss:

  • Drew’s background, and the path that led him to start Validic
  • How the Validic platform works and helps solves interoperability issues in healthcare
  • How Validic works with partner companies to ensure the data is secure and HIPAA compliant
  • Validic’s recent developments with Microsoft and how Microsoft HealthVault Insights is integrating Validic into its platform

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Episode 34: Drew Schiller, Co-Founder & CEO, Validic


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