This week’s bonus episode was recorded live at the 2017 Healthbox Studio Showcase! Healthbox hosts the program to support and advance entrepreneurial innovation, which aligns with our overall mission to empower the reinvention of healthcare. The program helps accelerate emerging digital health companies and fosters relationships between startup founders and industry leaders. Healthbox hosts the program free of charge to selected companies with no required equity exchange. The Studio ran from October 9-13 at the Healthbox office in Chicago, IL and featured presentations, workshops, and mentor sessions from the Healthbox team and other industry leaders.

In this episode, host Chuck Feerick sat down with four participants from the Studio to explore what their companies do and the problems they solve, what some of their biggest takeaways from the week were, a favorite session or two from the week, and what is the first thing they’ll do once they get back to their teams.

Our guests included:

Chris Wyatt, VP of strategy and sales at Parasail Health

Parasail Health helps providers and patients focus on treatment instead of payment by offering a suite of products that make medical bills affordable for patients and get providers paid right away.

Follow Parasail Health on Twitter @ParasailHealth

Matt Pierce, Co-Founder and CEO at TrustedHealth

Trusted Health is on a mission to improve access to care by optimizing the healthcare workforce. Their automated matching platform connects the right candidates with the right opportunities better and faster than ever before, starting with America’s most trusted profession, nurses.

Follow TrustedHealth on Twitter @Trustednurses

Andrew Trees, Co-Founder and CEO at Agathos:

Agathos is a mobile analytics platform that empowers physicians to optimize their practice patterns and demonstrate the value of the care they provide.

Follow Agathos on Twitter @AgathosHealth

Bora Chang, Co-Founder & CEO at Kela Health

KelaHealth predicts risk for surgical complications using machine learning & proactively intervenes by guiding surgeons on best-practices at the point-of-care to decrease complications and improve quality of care.

Follow Kela Health on Twitter @KelaHealth

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Episode 35: 2017 Healthbox Studio (Bonus Episode)


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