Our guest today, Kevin Freedman, joins me to talk about innovation and the use of AI in healthcare. Kevin is founder of NextPhase Partners, a firm providing independent support and guidance to entrepreneurs as they guide their companies through their next phases of growth. Prior to NextPhase, Kevin was an operating partner at Khosla Ventures and has more than 15 years of operating experience with leadership roles in both consumer and enterprise technology companies.

Before joining Khosla Ventures, Kevin was the CEO of Quid, a leading SaaS business intelligence platform, which Fortune 500 companies from Intel and McKinsey to Samsung and Barclays, among others, utilize to better understand the web’s unstructured data. Prior to Quid, he was an early executive at Slide, and took on the role of CFO where he built out the company’s business functions as they scaled to 150 million monthly users and ultimately drove the acquisition by Google.

Earlier in his career, Kevin held a variety of senior operating roles at eBay and PayPal, with his initial success in Silicon Valley beginning with Half.com, which was acquired by eBay in 2000.

In this episode, Chuck and Kevin discuss:

  • Kevin’s background, and the path that led him into the world of startups and venture capital
  • What are the roles and responsibilities of an “operating partner”
  • How the investment in Zebra Medical Vision came to be and what got Kevin interested in taking a board seat
  • The impact that Kevin thinks AI will play in Healthcare moving forward

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Episode 36: Kevin Freedman, Founder, NextPhase Partners


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