Our guest today, Elad Benjamin, joins the podcast from Israel for the second episode in our series on innovation and the use of AI in healthcare. Elad is CEO and Co-Founder of Zebra Medical Vision and is a veteran Healthcare IT executive with over 20 years of experience in software and medical devices, in both startups and Fortune 500 companies. He has held senior roles in Healthcare IT companies, including playing key roles in taking companies public on the NASDAQ as well as managing complex global businesses implementing solutions in medical providers worldwide. Elad holds a BsC from Tel Aviv University and earned his MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

In 2014, Elad co-founded Zebra Medical Vision, an automated medical imaging diagnostic engine featuring a vast database and using machine learning to create diagnostic insights that will help physicians be more effective in treating their patients. To date, Zebra Medical Vision has raised over $20 million in venture funding from top tier firms including Khosla ventures, SalesForce co-founder Marc Benihoff, and Intermountain Healthcare.

In this episode, Chuck and Elad discuss:

  • Elad’s background and how he initially got into healthcare and healthcare technology
  • Where the idea for Zebra Medical Vision came from
  • The biggest lessons Elad has learned from running his first company to now being at the helm of Zebra Medical
  • How Zebra Medical ensures the AI within the platform only learns from the best data and gets smarter over time while staying uncorrupted
  • How fast Elad believes the use of AI is moving in healthcare and how far he thinks we are from something truly industry/world changing
  • How Elad earned investments from some of the world’s most well known venture capital firms
  • The importance of the makeup of the Zebra Medical Board and what Elad looks for from a board member with such a technical business

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Episode 37: Elad Benjamin, Co-Founder & CEO, Zebra Medical Vision


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