This week’s episode welcomes Erik Pupo, managing director in the Accenture Health Client Service Group, for the final part in our series around Blockchain Innovation in Healthcare. Erik is Accenture’s Healthcare Blockchain lead for North America, where he leads sales and implementation efforts with Accenture’s payer, provider, and life science customers on how to use blockchain technology to improve efficiencies within their businesses.

Erik has worked for over 20 years in healthcare, including senior positions in federal, state, and commercial healthcare programs and initiatives, and served in key leadership roles within the healthcare community. A speaker and thought-leader on trends influencing the healthcare industry, Eric holds leadership advisory positions within the American Health Information Management Association, the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, where he also became a fellow in 2012, and the Healthcare Financial Management Association. Previously, he worked at Deloitte where he led several health IT initiatives for the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT, the Department of Defense, and the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA).

In this Episode, Chuck and Erik cover:

  • Erik’s background and how he became interested in the blockchain
  • Erik’s team and his role inside Accenture and the types of projects and thought leadership they produce
  • How one “builds a blockchain”
  • Who can actually touch or use the blockchain in a practical sense
  • If different blockchains are interoperable with one another or can they be adjusted to be
  • Blockchain innovation in the pharmaceutical industry
  • How the blockchain can be used to help underserved populations and rural communities
  • Erik’s advice to entrepreneurs building technology in the Blockchain space and to healthcare organizations who want to implement Blockchain technology

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Episode 45: Blockchain Innovation in Healthcare, with Erik Pupo, Managing Director, Accenture Health


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