In the second episode in our series on Remote Monitoring I spoke with Parker Moss. Parker is the Chief Technology & Transformation Officer at Virgin Care Limited where he is responsible for bringing together the company’s Information Management and Technology functions, putting the importance of technology and community healthcare delivery at the forefront within Virgin Care.

In our conversation, Parker and I discuss:

  • An overview of Virgin Care and Parker’s background and role
  • How Virgin Care’s model differs at all from what we see here in the United States
  • How Parker focuses on empowering clinicians and administrators with technology that has a positive effect on the outcomes that matter most to patients
  • How Virgin plan to use remote monitoring technology from LumiraDx
  • How Parker selected LumiraDx
  • Virgin Care’s use of other type of remote monitoring technologies outside of the hospital, for it’s healthy and/or it’s chronically ill population
  • Addressing the need for integration between patients using remote monitoring technology to manage chronic illness and telehealth or care coordination outreach programs
  • How Virgin Care continues to implement innovative solutions which keep pushing the technology we use forward while removing barriers to its effective use in delivering top quality services to patients
  • Where Parker sees the remote monitoring space going in the future

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Episode 7: Parker Moss, CTO Virgin Care Limited


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