This week’s interview is a bonus episode recorded during the Healthbox Chicago Studio week in November of 2016 with Matt Schneider. Matt is the founder of Save On Medical, an online marketplace that uses price transparency to help patients make informed care decisions based on cost, quality, or convenience while locking in discounted prices with no hidden fees.

In our conversation, Matt and I discuss:

  • Where the idea for Save On Medical came from and the “why” behind creating the company
  • What made Matt uniquely suited to launch Save On Medical
  • When a company has a string of early successes, what are some important lessons Matt thinks the leadership should keep in mind
  • Matt’s lessons with respect to building culture
  • How Matt balances the desire to pivot against keeping on the path that has already brought the company success
  • The key things Matt recommends entrepreneurs do prior to meetings with investors or mentors and some examples from Matt’s journey
  • What Matt wishes he knew before he launched his business that he knows now


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Episode 9: Bonus Episode – Fireside Chat Matt Schneider of Save On Medical


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