Healthbox is excited to announce the cohort of the 2017 Healthbox Studio. Healthbox hosts the program to support and advance entrepreneurial innovation, which aligns with our overall mission to empower the reinvention of healthcare. The program helps accelerate emerging digital health companies and fosters relationships between startup founders and industry leaders. Healthbox hosts the program free of charge to selected companies with no required equity exchange.

“Healthbox is excited to welcome this exceptional group of entrepreneurs to the 2017 Studio program,” said Neil Patel, President of Healthbox. “We look forward to helping each company navigate through this crucial stage and guide their path to continued success.”

Healthbox works with leading healthcare organizations to develop and support innovation strategies through consulting and fund management services. The company was founded in 2010 as one of the world’s first healthcare accelerators and evolved into a healthcare innovation services firm in 2015.

“The Studio is a nod to our roots as an accelerator, supporting the Healthbox legacy of entrepreneurial innovation,” said Kristen Lux, Outreach & Engagement Manager at Healthbox. “Our goal is to help accelerate these companies while getting our network of industry leaders engaged and excited about innovation within healthcare. We believe these solutions have the potential to greatly impact their organizations.”

Ten emerging, early stage digital health companies from across the country have been selected participate in the annual five-day program:

1. Agathos (San Francisco, CA): Agathos is a mobile analytics platform that empowers physicians to optimize their practice patterns and demonstrate the value of the care they provide.

2. Baby Noggin (San Francisco, CA): BabyNoggin is a digital village that allows parents to track their kids’ milestones at home, their pediatricians to get reimbursed from insurance, and the child to be connected to local resources and treatment when in need.

3. Care Advisors (Chicago, IL ): Care Advisors provides live assistance on hospital websites to build new patient relationships and enhance patient access.

4. Ensodata (Madison, WI): EnsoData provides software-­as-­a-­service that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate complex and time consuming data interpretation previously left to clinicians.

5. IllumiCare (Birmingham, AL): IllumiCare is an EMR-agnostic platform that presents providers with the patient-specific costs, risks, and other data at the point-of-care to empower a more diligent and efficient delivery of care.

6. kelaHealth (Durham, NC): KelaHealth predicts risk for surgical complications using machine learning & proactively intervenes by guiding surgeons on best-practices at the point-of-care to decrease complications and improve quality of care.

7. Parasail (San Francisco, CA): Parasail Health helps providers and patients focus on treatment instead of payment by offering a suite of products that make medical bills affordable for patients and get providers paid right away.

8. Smart Clinic (Phoenix, AZ): Smart Clinic delivers better health outcomes through sending educational content and automated procedure preparation reminders directly to patients anywhere, anytime, on any device.

9. SonderMind (Denver, CO): SonderMind provides patients with a well-matched, trusted, professional therapist, while enabling therapists to successfully start and grow their private practice with technology tools, a community network of other professionals, and an insurance contracting & credentialing platform.

10. Trusted Health (San Francisco, CA): Trusted Health is on a mission to improve access to care by optimizing the healthcare workforce. Their automated matching platform connects the right candidates with the right opportunities better and faster than ever before, starting with America’s most trusted profession, nurses.

The program will be held October 9-13 at the Healthbox office in Chicago, IL and will feature presentations, workshops, and mentor sessions from the Healthbox team and other industry leaders. An Industry Showcase is scheduled for Thursday, October 12. Register for the event here.

Healthbox Announces 2017 Healthbox Studio Cohort


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