Healthbox is excited to announce the cohort of the 2018 Healthbox Studio. The annual five-day event works to advance digital health startups through program content and relationship building between the participating companies, Healthbox team, and a broad network of healthcare leaders.

While Healthbox works with large healthcare organizations to develop and support innovation strategies through consulting and fund management services, we believe entrepreneurial innovation is integral to our mission of empowering the reinvention of healthcare. The program supports ten emerging digital health startups and there is no cost or equity exchange to participate.

Meet the cohort:

  1. Avhana Health (Baltimore, MD): Avhana Health delivers interventions within the EHR that empowers providers to make better treatment decisions.
  2. BenRevo (San Diego, CA) BenRevo’s suite of solutions empower insurance carriers to streamline distribution, utilize analytics and drive operational efficiency.
  3. CoHealth (formerly DashMD) (Toronto, ON): CoHealth i s a personal health manager delivered to patients at the point of care in hospitals and primary care facilities that engages and educates patients, reduces patient leakage, and drives better outcomes for patients and cost savings for care providers.
  4. Ejenta (San Francisco, CA): Ejenta is an AI platform for remote health monitoring, using NASA-licensed technology and IoT device data, that allows clinicians to detect and predict health deterioration earlier and more accurately.
  5. Feel (San Francisco, CA): Feel is is an emotion-sensing wristband and an app that provides real-time monitoring and personalized interventions, for people that suffer from Anxiety and Depression.
  6. ImageMover (Madison, WI): The ImageMover platform transforms enterprise imaging to improve the quality and cost of care while optimizing patient and provider experience.
  7. MedPut (New York, NY): MedPut is an employee benefit that provides interest-free financing for every employee’s out-of-pocket healthcare expenses, while eliminating patient accounts receivable and collections burden for provider organizations.
  8. Navimize (New York, NY): Navimize improves patient satisfaction and increases efficiencies by eliminating patient wait times.
  9. Valhalla Healthcare (Houston, TX): Valhalla Healthcare’s Allevia is a fully patient-driven AI assistant that automates clinical documentation for healthcare providers.
  10. Veta Health (New York, NY): Veta Health offers providers and payors technology solutions to more effectively and efficiently manage patient health under value-based care.

The 2018 Studio will be held October 8-12 at the Healthbox office in Chicago, IL. Join Healthbox for an evening of company pitches and networking at the Studio Showcase & Mixer on Thursday, October 11 by registering here.

Healthbox Announces 2018 Healthbox Studio Cohort


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