Julie Campbell joined Healthbox in 2018. At the time, she came to Healthbox with over a decade of experience in healthcare consulting, leading strategic and operational change in health systems across population health, clinical operations, supply chain, and more. She was drawn to the Healthbox team  because she wanted to focus on helping healthcare organizations develop or adopt the innovative new technologies that have the potential to transform healthcare. 


During her three years at Healthbox, Julie has worked with leading health systems and payers, like Orlando Health, Advocate Aurora Health, and Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. While a lot has changed during this time, a lot has also stayed the same. Our commitment to innovation and digital transformation has always remained steady. Healthbox recently celebrated our 10 year anniversary, and throughout the years, we have stayed  invested in the empowering reinvention of healthcare. At the same time, Healthbox continues to grow and adapt. As a part of the HIMSS family, we have significantly expanded our network, leveraged new tools, and gained access to industry-leading subject matter experts. While our leadership may be changing, our commitment to our clients is stronger than ever.


Julie is stepping into the role of Vice President and will be leading Healthbox into 2022. We are in the midst of change – as is the healthcare market in general – and Julie’s experience and skill set will enable Healthbox to be nimble and adapt to the rapidly changing landscape. Her advice? “Go big, go bold, no matter what your role is- challenge the status quo and don’t accept incremental change. If you don’t, you will get left behind.” 


Congratulations to Julie. We look forward to challenging the status quo with you. 

Healthbox Announces Julie Campbell as Vice President


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