The Healthbox Foundry is an end-to-end internal innovation program that captures, evaluates, and advances high-potential employee ideas. The program enables your organization to develop and refine your innovation strategy, foster a culture of entrepreneurship, coordinate a centralized approach to innovation projects, and be strategic about current and future Intellectual Property developed inside your organization.

One of the initiatives supporting innovation at Intermountain Healthcare is the Foundry program. Launched in 2014 in partnership with Healthbox, and part of the Intermountain Innovations organization, the Intermountain Foundry is a part-time program providing resources and guidance to vet the business aspects of employee ideas that have strong commercial potential or could benefit Intermountain internally.

Watch our video highlighting the Foundry at Intermountain Healthcare to learn more about the program and our process. A full case study of the Intermountain Foundry Program is available in the Healthbox Case Studies Report.

Healthbox Foundry at Intermountain Healthcare


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