Healthbox Horizon Scan Webinar Dives into Behavioral Health Landscape

Yesterday, Healthbox hosted a webinar on Challenges and Digital Health Solutions in Behavioral Health led by President Neil Patel, Chief Medical Officer Eric Louie, and Horizon Scan Product Manager Emily Wengel.

The webinar focused on laying out current challenges and opportunities in the behavioral health space, key success factors for vendors and decision makers, and considerations for providers evaluating possible solutions moving forward through the lens of three distinct areas of interest: Access, Treatment, and Triage.

The Healthbox team began by emphasizing the growing need for innovation in the behavioral health space, which currently accounts for over $170B annually in the US healthcare budget, and provided a high level overview of how digital solutions can address this issue. Specifically, the Healthbox team outlined how telemedicine (including teletherapy, telepsychiatry, and asynchronous messaging), patient engagement and mobile apps, digital therapeutics (such as CCBT, VR, wearables, etc), new collaborative care models, and new analytics and assessment tools can accomplish significant cost savings and outcome improvements, as well as numerous examples of companies currently on the market in each of these areas with encouraging outcomes data.

Dr. Louie and Ms. Wengel went on to outline key success factors identified during the 300+ hours of primary and secondary research that went into the Healthbox Horizon Scan report on behavioral health.

To conclude, the team reflected on key considerations that health systems and other providers should have when choosing to employ one of these technologies with the hopes of addressing a capability or efficiency gap. Most notably, Dr. Louie and Ms. Wengel touched on the importance of various metrics with regard to measurement based care approaches, and emphasized that health systems should seriously consider which metrics are most appropriate for their specific patient populations when selecting a technology solution.

This webinar was presented by Healthbox Horizon Scan. Horizon Scan helps to drive digital health innovation and adoption by bridging the gap between healthcare organizations and technological solutions. Free trials are currently available to payors and providers.

Contact us at or request a free trial here including:

  • Full Q1 report on Remote Monitoring & Connected Care and Q2 report on Behavioral Health
  • Curated selection of 50+ company profiles with detailed, unbiased information on top solutions across a variety of digital health categories
  • Access to online innovation community platform to source insights from the Healthbox team and other digital health technology decisions makers

Healthbox Horizon Scan Webinar Dives into Behavioral Health Landscape


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