Healthbox hosted a webinar on The Opportunity for Digital Health to Improve Provider Experience led by Eric Louie, CMO, VP of Business Development Justin Gernot, and Shanna Kirshenblatt, Associate. The webinar focused on using digital health solutions to restore the joy in provider practice and reduce burnout in the field.

Dr. Louie and Shanna began the webinar by defining the terms “joy in practice” and “burnout” as they would be used throughout the webinar. They explained that physicians feeling enthusiasm for the work that they are doing and feeling supported in their environment is crucial to improved patient outcomes and fulfilling the IHI’s Triple Aim (improving population health, improving the patient experience, and reducing costs). Studies have shown this burnout leads to decreased patient access to care, decreased patient experience, decreased safety and quality, poor patient outcomes, as well as an increase in costs.

Next, the team described three challenges impacting the provider experience: inefficient workflows, uncoordinated communication, and information overload. Dr. Louie spoke about example challenges faced by providers from his own experience as a clinician, emphasizing the need to transform data into action as well as the importance of collaborative processes. Building on these challenges, the Healthbox team developed a list of potential digital health solutions and key success factors to address the problems faced by clinicians. Solutions included reduction of alert fatigue, a remote scribe, and an eConsult service.

This webinar was presented as an extension of our Horizon Scan report on Provider Experience. Contact us at to request a free copy of the full report.

Healthbox Horizon Scan Webinar Focuses on Clinician Burnout and the Joy in Provider Practice


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