Healthbox Horizon Scan Webinar Focuses on Remote Monitoring Solutions

Healthbox hosted a webinar on Remote Monitoring & Connected Care led by President & COO Neil Patel, Chief Medical Officer Eric Louie, and Associate Blake Miner. The webinar focused on providing insights to providers and payors with regard to the current landscape of remote monitoring and connected care, interesting trends going forward, and key success factors when evaluating possible solutions.

The presentation began with Dr. Louie explaining the urgent need for innovation in our health systems with regard to how we currently handle the long term care of those with chronic conditions. 49% of healthcare expenditures are incurred by the sickest 5% of patients, and 78% of healthcare expenditures are spent on treating chronic conditions. By allowing for just-in-time interactions with patients, remote monitoring creates a system in which clinicians are able to make contextually relevant touch point decisions about treatment options resulting in better care at lower costs and higher efficiency.

The Healthbox team explained that the best remote monitoring should allow for more touch points, resource intensity to be scaled to patient acuity, patient engagement in self-management, action or triage at a distance. These programs could result in a reduction in ER visits, readmissions, length of stay, and improvement of overall condition management.

The Healthbox team also detailed key factors for success to consider when looking at remote monitoring solutions in the future. The key success factors included patient/provider user interfaces, analytics, care management, education, and device management.

To conclude the Healthbox team touched on what trends they see developing in the remote monitoring landscape.

This webinar was presented as an extension of our first Horizon Scan quarterly report on Remote Monitoring & Connected CareHorizon Scan helps to drive digital health innovation and adoption by bridging the gap between health systems and technological solutions. Free trials are currently available to payors and providers. Contact us at or request a free trial here to receive:

· Our full quarterly report on Remote Monitoring & Connected Care, with our Q2 report on Behavioral Health to be released within the next month

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Healthbox Horizon Scan Webinar Focuses on Remote Monitoring Solutions


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