Healthbox and Healthbox Studio Alumni participated in the annual scientific sessions of the American Heart Association in New Orleans, LA, November 12-16, 2016 as reported in Connections Vol.14, No.4, Winter 2017, the publication of the Scientific Councils of the American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association.

Healthbox actively evaluates and invests in companies that develop predictive analytics, decision support, and precision medicine infrastructure required for integrating patient specific genomic and proteomic information into the care of patients with cancer and patients with genetically transmitted diseases. During the Clinical Genomics Bootcamp (November 13, 2017), Healthbox Chief Medical Officer, Eric K. Louie, MD FACC, FAHA collaborated with Pamela Ouyang, MBBS, Professor of Medicine and Director of the Johns Hopkins Women’s Cardiovascular Health Center and other Bootcamp participants (Louie, standing on left & Ouyang seated on right in picture) in unraveling patient scenarios relevant to whole genome sequencing, risk prediction, and pharmacogenomics in patients with genetically transmitted hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. The volume and complexity of genomic data, relevant clinical trial evidence, and multidimensional decision-making reinforced the need for interdisciplinary participation involving clinicians, geneticists, molecular pathologists, and genetics counselors supported by software infrastructure to guide therapeutic precision medicine decisions.

The Healthbox Studio nurtures, mentors, and supports young entrepreneurs who are developing innovative ideas to improve health outcomes and increase the efficiency of health care delivery. Matthew Loper, CEO and Founder of Wellth (Healthbox Chicago Studio 2015) and YiDing Yu, CEO and Founder of Twiage (Healthbox Chicago Studio 2016) pitched their respective companies to the American Heart Association Health Tech Competition (November 14, 2016) along with five competing companies previously selected from a larger pool of applicants. Judges comprised of distinguished cardiologists, venture capitalists, and industry thought leaders as well as the assembled audience were on hand to evaluate their presentations.

Matthew Loper accepted the Judges’ Award on behalf of Wellth for developing digital technologies validated in two clinical trials that monitor and reward care plan adherence and compliance with health promotion behaviors by patients. YiDing Yu, MD accepted the People’s Choice Award on behalf of Twiage for work developing a HIPAA compliant pre-hospital communication and care coordination platform to empower emergency departments to anticipate and accelerate the delivery of appropriate care measures in advance of hospital arrival. Healthbox is proud to have contributed to the early mentoring of Wellth and Twiage through the Healthbox Studio and Eric K. Louie, MD, CMO, Healthbox, who had mentored both companies, was on hand to congratulate them on their success in developing strategies that improve health care efficiency and patient outcomes as recognized by their receipt of the top two awards at the American Heart Association Health Tech Competition.

Source: Photo by © AHA/Rodney White 2016, Connections Vol.14, No.4, Winter 2017, p.3, AHA Scientific Sessions 2016,

Healthbox Participation at the American Heart Association Annual Scientific Sessions


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