Happy new year from the Healthbox and the Podcast team! We are working hard on some great new series coming up in 2018 but before releasing those, we sat down with Healthbox President Neil Patel to hear about what he’s seeing in the healthcare innovation space and what he is predicting for 2018.

In this episode, Chuck and Neil cover:

  • New podcasts series that will be coming early this year, including
    • Non-emergent medical transportation
    • The use of the Blockchain in healthcare
    • Innovation in Chronic care disease management
  • A discussion around innovation and regulation from a government standpoint, including the FDA’s 2018 roadmap, which includes:
    • Four strategic policy areas: addiction crises, innovation, consumer empowerment and the FDA workforce
      • Reduce the burden of addiction crises that are threatening American families
      • Leverage innovation and competition to improve healthcare, broaden access, and advance public health goals
      • Empower consumers to make better and more informed decisions about their diets and health; and expand the opportunities to use nutrition to reduce morbidity and mortality from disease
      • Strengthen FDA’s scientific workforce and its tools for efficient risk management
  • What Neil is most excited about for healthcare innovation in 2018

Healthbox Podcast Episode 41: What’s Coming in 2018 with Healthbox President, Neil Patel


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