When Healthbox evolved into a digital health accelerator in 2010, they needed an innovation management tool to efficiently source and evaluate a large volume of seed companies who were seeking capital. After exhausting the search for an intuitive, comprehensive tool to meet their needs, Healthbox took its ethos of innovation and developed its own platform: Idealy (formerly Databox). Since then, they have continued to adapt and expand Idealy to address the diverse set of use cases for an intuitive and comprehensive data collection, crowdsourcing and innovation tool across digital health.

To date, Idealy has supported a variety of organizational programs at leading hospitals and health systems. From innovation challenge facilitation and technology solution sourcing, to employee idea and feedback solicitation, the easily customizable and user-friendly tool enables any organization to access untapped ideas inside and outside the organization. For example, Brigham & Women’s Hospital Digital Innovation Hub (iHub) utilized Idealy to facilitate their “Decrease Operational Inefficiencies Together (DO IT)” Challenge, aimed at boosting employee engagement and satisfaction. Challenge organizers utilized the platform to gather and evaluate employee ideas on innovation, process improvement, and operational efficiency throughout the organization. Through the platform’s crowdsourcing capabilities, the challenge surfaced 240 pain points by more than 160 employees, which were used to create process improvements and reduce costs associated with administrative tasks.

After demonstrating successful outcomes like those at iHub, and receiving outstanding reviews from platform users, Healthbox has decided to make Idealy commercially available to its network of healthcare innovators. The newest Idealy iteration expands upon the foundational features by providing an updated user interface that allows for multiple portals and access levels to meet any organizational structure or project need.

You can find out more about these new features, see examples of the interface and request a demo at healthbox.com/idealy

Read the Healthcare IT News article on the Brigham and Women’s iHub DO IT Challenge here.

Healthbox, a HIMSS Solution and healthcare advisory firm, drives innovation from the inside and out, helping organizations build internal innovation programs, assess the potential of employee-led projects, and look to the market to find solutions to implement or invest in.

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