Healthbox Webinar: Innovation Program Best Practices

Tuesday, April 3 | 12 PM CST


As the healthcare industry faces unprecedented challenges to improve quality and access to care while lowering costs, healthcare organizations are continuously rising to the occasion to address the need for producing innovation and the adoption of new solutions by designing and implementing their own innovation programs. However, in the ever-growing arena of digital health, developing an innovation program nonetheless remains a nascent and under defined concept. How can healthcare organizations take the first step in developing their own innovation program? Is it better to be a producer or consumer of innovation? Can an organization do both?

Please join Healthbox Directors Lisa Bower and Matty Francis as they take you through these considerations and outline best practices in executing a successful internal and external innovation program. Joining in for a Q&A at the end of the session will be Healthbox President, Neil Patel and Justin Gernot, Vice President, Healthbox.

Healthbox Webinar: Innovation Program Best Practices


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