Healthbox Webinar: Root Causes of Health

Thursday, September 27 | 12:00pm CT

Health is often thought of as only taking place in a doctor’s office, hospital, or in terms of the absence of illness. However, in reality, only 20% of health is determined by healthcare; the remaining 80% is determined by social determinants, or root causes, of health. Root causes occur everywhere we live, learn, work, worship, and play; they are preventable, avoidable, and actionable, yet even as the U.S. spends more of its GDP on healthcare, health disparities continue to increase. Please join Dr. Eric Louie, Chief Medical Officer, and Leland Brewster, Director, as they delve into the Healthbox perspective on root causes of health and the creative ways in which to take action on moving the lever to improve access and equity in healthcare.


Healthbox Webinar: Root Causes of Health


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