Every day at Healthbox, we work toward our mission of empowering the reinvention of healthcare through our client engagements and the knowledge we share with the industry. And with all the talk about how we, as a whole, can disrupt healthcare, Healthbox empowers our partners with the tools and supported needed to do so. And that’s exactly what we did with our recent preconference symposium at the American Hospital Association’s Executive Forum in Chicago, where we joined more than 150 C-Levels from various healthcare organizations addressing disruption through value and innovation.  

The transition to value-based care, the rise of consumerism, and the new digital economy are forcing massive transformations in the healthcare field — making it ripe for opportunities to streamline care delivery. Our preconference session focused on how to introduce innovation to organizations through the innovation framework we developed and use with Healthbox clients.

It all starts with a problem – so that’s where we started. We shared with participants how to frame the problem, how to fall in love with the problem, how to implement tactics to find a solution, define the pain points, explore opportunities for organization-wide collaboration, and finally, discover results that can empower healthy disruption. 

But here is the take-away: when we ask participants to identify one problem they are facing in their own organization and apply the Healthbox methodology, it became evident that we are all trying to solve the same problems like provider dissatisfaction and lack of price transparency. All of this contributes to the wider universal challenge of implementing innovations – knowing when to embed new solutions into existing workflow and when to change the underlying processes altogether.

Transformation will not happen without innovation at scale. It remains a consistent theme in our conversations, and it is evident within the constant advancements in digital health. We must believe that innovation can be taught and is worth teaching. There will be challenges, and it will take time, but with the right strategy, commitment, and collaborations, our efforts will enable the promise of better health.

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Innovation is a Teachable Skill


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