Innovation Rising Episode 11: David Cohn of Regroup Therapy and Bob Saunders of OCA Ventures (Part 1)

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In this week’s special interview I am joined in the studio by 3 guests to discuss digital innovation in healthcare around Behavioral Health: David Cohn, CEO, Founder of Regroup Therapy, Bob Saunders, General Partner at OCA Ventures, and my co-host for this episode, Neil Patel, President and COO of Healthbox.

This is part 1 of a 2-part interview with Bob and David so make sure to listen to part 2 next week!

In the interview, we discuss:

  • David’s background and where the idea for Regroup come from
  • Why David chose a “health system/provider model” over the direct to consumer model
  • Bob’s background and specific focus at OCA Ventures
  • What attracts Bob to investments in the Behavioral Health space
  • How Bob approaches being involved with the companies he invests in
  • What David was looking for in an investor
  • The advantages about starting a company in Chicago that most entrepreneurs overlook

Connect with David:

Connect with Bob:

Learn more about Regroup Therapy

Learn more about OCA Ventures

Connect with Healthbox

Listen to his episode on iTunes SoundCloud, or Libsyn.


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