This week’s episode is another special Bonus Episode of Innovation Rising! I’m joined in the studio today by 3 great guests to discuss Accelerator/Studio programs, the benefits of these programs, and how companies can get the most from such an opportunity. Adam Draper from Boost VC joins us to talk about the Boost VC Accelerator and with me in the Studio from Healthbox is Matty Francis, Director of Innovation Consulting, and Kristen Lux, Outreach and Engagement Manager

A few of the topics we get into in this episode:

  • What an accelerator is
  • How the Boost VC accelerator operates and what are the types of companies that should apply
  • Are accelerators necessary? There are so many; what is the true value an accelerator provides beyond cash for equity?
  • How the Healthbox Studio works and what are the types of companies that should apply
  • What companies can do to make the most of their opportunity in the program
  • Which companies should not go to an accelerator
  • What startups should look for in an accelerator/Studio program
  • How the Boost Accelerator and Healthbox Studio are complementary to one another
  • Application information for both programs

Connect with Adam and Boost VC:

Connect with Healthbox

Innovation Rising Episode 19: Bonus – Accelerator/Studio Program Roundtable with Healthbox and Adam Draper of Boost VC


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