On this week’s episode of Innovation Rising, we sat down with Jeremy Porter, Director of Business Development at Intermountain Healthcare to discuss what Internal Health System Innovation looks like for his organization, Intermountain Healthcare, based in Salt Lake City, with multiple locations across the state of Utah. Jeremy and his team look to leverage existing assets, patents, technology, and business models to support Intermountain’s core mission and values while identifying additional revenue opportunities.

Innovation and Growth at Intermountain Healthcare supports the ideation, creation, and adoption of new solutions that will improve quality and service while making care more affordable. Intermountain harness internal creativity and external disruption to continually improve outcomes, longevity, and overall wellbeing. One of the avenues supporting employee innovation is the Intermountain Foundry. Launched in 2014 in partnership with Healthbox, the Foundry is a part-time program providing resources and guidance to vet the business aspects of employee ideas that could either benefit Intermountain internally or have additional commercialization potential outside of the system.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How innovation became a priority at Intermountain Healthcare
  • The characteristics of Intermountain Healthcare as a system that make it conducive to innovation
  • The various innovation programs at Intermountain
  • The specific needs that Intermountain was seeking to fulfill through the development of the Foundry Program
  • How Intermountain uses internal mentors to help the Foundry Participants
  • How Intermountain’s entrepreneurs have benefited from the mentoring process
  • If Jeremy was to establish a dream program for innovation at Intermountain, without staffing or capital constraints, what are some things he would like to try?
  • What other health systems Jeremy admires as leaders in healthcare innovation and why he feels this way
  • Which digital health startups Jeremy is particularly impressed with
  • What is exciting Jeremy most about healthcare innovation right now

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Innovation Rising Episode 2: Jeremy Porter


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