This week’s podcast features our interview with Adam Draper, Founder & Managing Director of Boost VC. Adam is a 2x entrepreneur and a 4th generation venture capitalist. He also co-founded Xpert Financial while still in his senior year at UCLA, which he then left in 2012, focusing on angel investing in which he invested in 20 companies, including Coinbase, Plangrid, and Practice Fusion, before starting Boost VC with this co-founder Brayton Williams.

Launched in 2012, Boost VC is a specialized seed-stage accelerator that invests in blockchain and virtual reality startups. Twice a year Boost VC invests in 25+ startups. The three month accelerator program includes housing and office space in Silicon Valley. Boost’s Portfolio consists of 138 companies, who have raised over $125M after joining Boost VC.

Adam joined Chuck Feerick and Healthbox President & COO Neil Patel to talk about Investing in Virtual Reality in this final part in our series on Virtual Reality in the healthcare space.

A few of the topics we dive into in this episode include:

  • Adam’s background, how he came to develop an interest in VR, and how close he is to developing an Ironman Suit
  • How the Boost VC Model operates and how Adam helps companies in the VR space
  • The concept of VR has been around for over 30 years, yet last year we saw more than $2B in VC money pour into the AR/VR, space continuing a trend we’ve seen over the past few years. Adam breaks down what is making this growth take off
  • Why Adam thinks Healthcare is an underrated space
  • Adams’ current healthcare investments and what makes him say “yes” or “no”
  • Given Adam’s experience in gaming, entertainment, and retail, Adam discusses possibilities for VR in Healthcare
  • The overall challenges that VR startups face and Adam’s advice for overcoming them, from an investor’s perspective
  • What Adam thinks needs to happen for VR to go from a “cool” gadget to transformative technology


Innovation Rising Episode 19Bonus – Accelerator/Studio Program Roundtable with Healthbox and Adam Draper of Boost VC

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Innovation Rising Episode 22: Adam Draper of Boost VC


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