This week’s episode is the last episode in our series on new models of Primary Care! Our guest today, Michael Greeley, is a General Partner at Flare Capital Partners. Prior to co-founding Flare Capital Partners, Michael was the founding General Partner of Flybridge Capital Partners where he led the firm’s healthcare investments. Michael’s current and prior board seats include HealthVerity, Iora Health, Predilytics, TARIS Biomedical, and Welltok. Michael also serves on the Industry Advisory Board of the Cleveland Clinic and Boston Children’s Hospital, as well as serving on several other boards including the New England Investors’ Committee of Capital Innovation. Michael is most excited about the convergence of healthcare and information technologies and the profound opportunities to transform healthcare and writes about this and other topics on his blog In this episode we cover:

  • Michael’s background, work at Flare Capital, and his specific areas of investment interest
  • How Flare Capital’s investment in Iora Health came together and what led him to say yes
  • Michael’s general thoughts on entrepreneurs trying to build standalone primary care models and if he thinks this helps or could create more fragmentation in the system
  • Where Michael sees the future of these New Models of Primary Care heading
  • Michael’s thoughts around a blog post he wrote in that “if V1 of the Healthcare technology sector was triggered but the HITECH Act of 2009, the sector is now entering V2.0 where the commentary is focused on Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality solutions to make the healthcare system “capital light” to drive meaningful operating efficiencies from the significant investment of the past three years.”
  • What opportunities Michael believes will develop over the next few years
  • If Michael sees a growth in early stage investment over the next few years or if he thinks we’ll see the percentage grow in Series B and later investments
  • Why Michael thinks “Brands will become even more important”


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Innovation Rising Episode 26: Michael Greeley of Flare Capital Partners


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