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This week we have Sameer Khanna, VP of Engineering at Pager on the program in the second part in our series around on-demand healthcare, specifically the use of AI in on-demand healthcare!

Sameer holds a bachelors in Information Technology from Rochester Institute of Technology and a Masters of Computer Science from NYU. Prior to joining Pager, Sameer served as a key contributor at Lot18, successfully positioning the company as one of the largest wine e-commerce businesses. He then joined Viyet as CTO, and drove company revenue to 15x within 12 months with the construction of an e-commerce storefront, seller portal, and redesign of the marketplace website. In 2015, Sameer joined Pager as the Vice president of engineering.In this episode we cover:

  • Sameer’s background and how he came to his role at Pager and how he dealt with the learning curve of getting into the healthcare space, coming from an e-commerce background
  • How Sameer delineates the difference between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • What this version of Pager with artificial intelligence embedded looks like and how both patients and clinicians use it
  • How Pager uses the data gathered to help the platform get smarter over time
  • Where Sameer sees AI in healthcare going
  • What in healthcare innovation currently is Sameer most excited about

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Innovation Rising Episode 29: Sameer Khanna, VP of Engineering at Pager


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