On this week’s show, Sanjay Shah joins the program to discuss internal Health system Innovation. Sanjay Shah is the Director of Strategic Innovation for Dignity Health where he supports Dignity Health’s innovation efforts, which seek to create, test, and invest in novel services, programs, partnerships, and/or technologies – from within and outside of healthcare – that have the potential to reduce the cost of care, improve quality, and/or increase access to healthcare services. Sanjay is also an advisor to organizations such as Innovation Center for the Safety Net, and has sat on the boards of companies including Healthfinch, Seamless Medical Systems, the University of Michigan Medical Innovation Center, and and CareInSync.


Dignity Health is one of the nation’s largest health care systems, with nearly 9,000 physicians, 59,000 employees, and more than 400 care centers. This comprehensive network includes hospitals, urgent care, occupational care, and imaging centers, in addition to home health, and primary care clinics


As a function at Dignity Health, The Strategic Innovation team at Dignity Health helps lead 4 activities;

  • Realize intellectual property (IP) from employees
  • Create built for purpose companies
  • Openly innovate with novel entrepreneurial companies
  • Strategically invest to diversify and support growth goals


In this episode we discuss:

  • Sanjay’s background and role at Dignity Health
  • The breakdown of Dignity Health’s four strategic innovation activities and how they work together
  • An overview of how Dignity Health fosters innovation through its Intellectual Innovation Network
  • The genesis of Dignity’s Innovation Strategy
  • How intellectual property is shared or managed and how revenue sharing works for a successful partnership
  • An example of one of the ideas and companies that has come out of Dignity’s innovation center and what that process looked like
  • How Dignity Health’s venture investing arm operates
  • Where Sanjay thinks the industry is heading in terms of innovation to achieve the “Triple Bottom Line” of improving patient care, increasing system efficiency, and reducing provider burnout
  • What Sanjay is most excited about in healthcare innovation right now
  • How to connect with Sanjay and learn more about Dignity Health

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Innovation Rising Episode 3: Sanjay Shah


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