Intermountain Healthcare shares the story of Intermountain ROMS® in the organization’s Transforming Healthcare blog.

Intermountain ROMS® (Rehab Outcomes Management System) serves as a central repository of patients’ self-reported pain and disability measures that assists therapists in providing value-based care. The innovative system was developed by Stephen Hunter, a Physical Therapy Administrator at Intermountain Healthcare.

The Intermountain Foundry helped ROMS accelerate its growth. Intermountain Healthcare, in collaboration with Healthbox, runs the Intermountain Foundry, a program designed to help Intermountain caregivers explore the business potential of their healthcare innovation ideas. ROMS was selected to participate in the 2015 Intermountain Foundry. When entering the program, ROMS had already shown strong results within 50 Intermountain physical therapy sites, as well as with one external customer. ROMS was managing over 1.6 million patient visits, resulting in — among other things — an average of $1,400 in cost savings per lower back patient.

ROMS® is now helping improve care and reduce costs for thousands of therapy patients, and with the help of the Intermountain Foundry, they’re now expanding its use outside of the Intermountain system.

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The Intermountain Foundry Helped Propel a Home-Grown Physical Therapy Tech Solution Toward Success


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