Organizations across the healthcare ecosystem face numerous challenges in delivering quality care and technology is often a key component of the solution. Innovative solutions built within one healthcare organization have the potential to be commercialized and deployed to external customers. Assess the potential of employee-led projects and support commercialization efforts with Healthbox.

Healthcare systems have created billions in value through the commercialization of internally developed technologies.


Healthcare organizations often lack the necessary resources and expertise to assess the commercial viability of their internally-developed tools. The Healthbox Commercialization Analysis provides the objective perspective and guidance needed to assess the opportunity for an internal tool to be marketed and sold. Through our thorough analysis, Healthbox will conduct a business model review and recommend go-to market strategies, product roadmaps, and corresponding funding to achieve milestones.

With more than $57 billion invested in digital health technologies in 2021 alone, innovators have access to capital. Health systems looking to create and capture value through their innovation platforms must have a place for good ideas to go, otherwise, they will walk through the door.

Case Study: Commercialization with Healthbox

Learn more about how Healthbox assessed the commercial viability of tools developed collaboratively between a pharmaceutical company and a large integrated delivery network.

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1: Evolent Health market capitalization as of 11/26/2018