Digital Strategy and DHI Services

In close coordination with our colleagues at HIMSS, Healthbox is pleased to offer a suite of services to support the Digital Health Indicator (DHI).

The DHI measures progress toward a digital health ecosystem. An ecosystem that connects clinicians and provider teams with people, enabling them to manage their health and wellness using digital tools in a secure and private environment whenever and wherever care is needed. Operational and care delivery processes are outcomes-driven, informed by data and real-world evidence to achieve exceptional quality, safety and performance that is sustainable.

The DHI provides a measure of a health system’s capacity and progress toward a digital health ecosystem, scored on four key, evidence-based dimensions of digital health:

  • Governance & Workforce
  • Interoperability
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Person-Enabled Health

DHI Offerings

To help health systems make the most of the DHI, Healthbox offers the following:

DHI Roadmap

This customized set of recommendations is based on the DHI Report, executive and clinician interviews, and a facilitated strategy session led by HIMSS advisory DHI subject matter experts to map digital assets to maturity tools and the broader digital health framework. It positions health systems to engage appropriate strategy partners to implement and execute their digital health structure.

DHI Strategy

This comprehensive, standardized approach to digital strategy has been built on evidence and a variety of data sources, including the DHI. It will be delivered with DHI partners and co-staffed by HIMSS advisory DHI subject matter experts.

For more information or to discuss these services, please email us at

Insight Report: Enabling Digital Strategy

Learn more about Healthbox’s approach to developing a digital strategy for healthcare, key considerations to mitigate inevitable challenges that arise, and examples of various types of organizations that have successfully implemented digital strategies to enhance their value and build for the future.

Case Study: Digital Health Strategy with Hospital Sisters Health System

In this case study, we discuss how the DHI can be used to characterize and inform balanced and
decisions and investments to support digital transformation. We also share how HSHS engaged Healthbox to create a comprehensive, three-year digital strategy to help compete against larger, well-known health systems.

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