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Industry intrigue and rapid growth in the digital health market has produced an onslaught of incubators, accelerators, partnerships, and pitch competitions. While there is no shortage of activity, organizations face challenges in designing meaningful engagements with measurable outcomes. Healthbox helps move beyond the hype to develop successful, impact-driven programs.

The Foundry Program

Swiftly develop and refine an internal innovation program that advances overall strategic aims. The Healthbox Foundry is a change agent that empowers staff to come forward with ideas to improve the organization and healthcare globally by turning projects into products and employees into innovators.

The program retains and maximizes the value of current and future Intellectual Property and builds an organizational identity and culture of entrepreneurial innovation. Healthbox provides a transparent, rigorous, and market-tested approach towards the evaluation and selection of innovative employee-led ideas for mentoring and resourcing. Chosen projects complete an intensive commercialization program, while ideas not selected will be triaged to other internal resources for further support and refinement, all through a centralized approach. If projects are approved for further funding following the program, Healthbox continues serving as an expert advisor to ensure they achieve growth milestones or fail fast, keeping innovation accountable.

“The Foundry takes caregiver ideas from across the organization — from the bedside, from the administrative offices — and gives people a chance to express themselves and to take us to that next level”

– Marc Harrison, President & CEO, Intermountain Healthcare

“It was an amazing process and incredibly insightful. I learned a lot and would recommend it to any team member who has an idea that has the potential to impact care delivery!”

– Program Participant, Orlando Health Foundry

Spotlight: Healthbox Foundry at Orlando Health

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Case Study: Healthbox Foundry at Intermountain Healthcare

Learn more about how the Foundry program at Intermountain Healthcare helps inspire intrapreneurs, support a culture of innovation, and fuel internal business projects with high-potential.

Innovation Workshops

Employees experience pain points in patient care and operations that challenge an organization’s ability to succeed. What if they could be a part of the solution? Healthbox Innovation Workshops build entrepreneurial competencies from within the organization, provide leadership with in-depth exposure to internal pain points and employee ideas, and foster a proactive culture to resolve challenges in healthcare and the workplace. Through the workshop, attendees learn innovation and business principles, gain exposure to industry trends, and follow a step-by-step tutorial on “how to refine your innovative idea in healthcare,” which leverages Healthbox’s proprietary, market-tested curriculum and methodology. This high-touch engagement harnesses employees with the skills to think like an entrepreneur, which will transform how problems are tackled within your organization.

“The workshops that Healthbox facilitated for us provided a new experience for many team members. This was the first time they were able to share their ideas in a way that helped them advance their thinking and better understand the steps that are required to bring an idea to life, understanding what is required at each phase. The workshops brought a structure to the learning that we haven’t had before and as a result a significant number of people are actively working on developing ideas they believe will help transform the care we deliver.”


– Michael Schmidt, Managing Director, Orlando Health Strategic Innovations

98% of attendees found the workshop helpful to refining their idea

Case Study: Healthbox Innovation Workshops at Orlando Health

Learn more about how Innovation Workshops at Orlando Health are providing a collaborative and engaging environment where employees are exploring their ideas with organizational leadership to transform healthcare.

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