Solution Sourcing

The number of digital health venture capital deals closed annually has tripled over the past six years. With so many new companies emerging, it’s difficult for healthcare organizations to make informed technology adoption decisions at market speed. Healthbox helps our partners source innovative solutions that address key challenges and accelerate organizational growth.

Sales cycles in healthcare can range from 12 – 24 months. Slow adoption of technology leads to missed opportunities to drive improvements in patient outcomes and healthcare organization financials.

Solution Sourcing

Healthbox partners with organizations to identify the best-fit external solutions to meet their unique needs and challenges. Our team helps prioritize vendor selection criteria and develops custom evaluation frameworks to curate a short list of potential vendors and ultimately select a finalist. Successful adoption of new technology doesn’t automatically happen the moment a solution is chosen. Healthbox supports clients throughout the adoption process, from negotiating pilot studies and potentially complex contracts, to planning the solution roll-out.

“Healthbox helped us to evaluate a broad range of potential partnerships in order to implement our member engagement digital strategy. The team was responsive, thorough, and tailored their recommendations to our strategic priorities.”

– Chief Strategy Officer, Health Plan

Case Study: Healthbox Solution Sourcing

Learn more about how Healthbox engaged with a large integrated health system in the South to identify and implement relevant innovation in the system.

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