Social Determinants of Health

A fundamental question continuing to face the healthcare industry is: How do we comprehensively address the needs of patients when those needs extend beyond the boundaries of traditional clinical care?  While there has been some talk about social determinants of health in recent times, the majority of American health systems don’t yet effectively leverage social/economic information when designing population health programs, developing patient-specific treatment plans, locating new services, or conducting community needs assessments.

The social determinants of health (SDOH) are everyone’s challenge to solve. Since our early days as a digital health accelerator, Healthbox has been investing in and working with solutions that enable health for underserved or otherwise challenged populations. More recently, our work in digital strategy has clarified the need for health systems to take the lead within their communities to address social determinants through working together to create actionable change.

The social determinants of health are everyone’s challenge to solve.

Social Determinants Services

In partnership with the Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation, the nation’s leader in comprehensive social determinants programming across complex metropolitan areas, we are proud to offer the following services to health systems that are ready to advance their SDOH strategy:

  • SDOH expertise delivered via keynote, facilitated executive or board session, bespoke reports or other customized engagements.
  • Social determinants readiness assessments to profile your health system, service area, and current and future partners to determine your path to a program, based on “Connected Communities of Care,” a framework designed to improve the health, safety and wellbeing of a community’s most vulnerable residents.
  • Customized social determinants strategy engagements to set and launch the most effective program(s) for your community.

Recent events have underscored the need for SDOH to take center stage. We can help you realize your SDOH goals, no matter where you are starting. 

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Connected Communities of Care Webinar Series with PCCI

Connected Communities of Care Series Roundtale

Healthcare leaders and long-term friends Neil Patel, from Healthbox, and Steve Miff, from PCCI, host this RoundTable to introduce an exciting partnership between PCCI and Healthbox.

Connected Communities of Care During Times of Crisis

This session will delve into how communities with operational connected communities of care have responded to the current crisis and will provide insights that can be leveraged in other communities.

Connected Communities of Care and the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA)

This session will speak to how organizations who have been on the front lines of SDOH work have altered their approach to their CHNA to gain deeper insights to better contextualize the true needs of their communities.

Connected Communities of Care and Bending the Cost Curve

This session will specifically focus of where and how focusing on SDOH can impact costs.


Insight Report: Root Causes of Health

Determinants impact health everywhere we live, learn, work, worship, and play; they are preventable, avoidable, and actionable. This report aims to reframe social determinants as “root causes of health”, due to their significant impact on an individual’s ability to achieve positive health outcomes, offering examples of creative and replicable ways organizations have attempted to move the lever in changing the current healthcare landscape.

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