Innovation From the Inside

Employees are your organization's most valuable innovation assets. From the bedside to the administrative offices, they are in the best position to see what’s working in healthcare — and what isn't. Healthbox works as your partner to harness internal creativity and provide a structured avenue to support employee innovation — ultimately fueling efforts to meet your mission.

Our Products to Advance Innovation from Inside Your Organization


Analyze current organizational priorities, risk profile, innovation activities, and results to date to align the business strategy with the innovation strategy.


Review current policies and implement an operating and governance plan to ensure transparency and clear decision-making around the innovation initiative.


Spread awareness of the initiative and launch a centralized intake process to source employee ideas from across the organization.


Engage employees who present an idea and provide them with education on how to refine their idea to inspire entrepreneurial thinking.


Convene leaders and SMEs to evaluate the highest potential ideas using a transparent, consistent, and objective scoring methodology.


Pressure-test the commercial viability and impact of high-potential employee ideas through a formal, tested program at market-speed.


Develop a plan for growth around each idea to realize value in the organization and the commercial market, measuring against key milestones to ensure accountability.


Validate employee innovations through rapid-cycle testing, continuously measuring success against key metrics to determine when and if the project should move forward.


Scale successful innovations across your organization and to the market.

Innovation Workshop

By attending a Healthbox Innovation Workshop, your organization's employees have the opportunity to participate in a dynamic and interactive session to learn the fundamental principles of innovation. Employees gain exposure to innovation and entrepreneurship trends in the industry and follow a step-by-step tutorial on “how to refine your innovative idea in healthcare," which leverages Healthbox's proprietary, market-tested innovation curriculum and methodology. This high-touch engagement harnesses employees with the skills to think like an entrepreneur, provides leadership with in-depth exposure to employee ideas, and inspires a culture more accepting and excited about innovation in healthcare and the workplace.

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Commercialization Analysis

Our Commercialization Analysis allows your organization to assess the business aspects of a high-potential project or idea developed by an employee(s) at market speed. We advance a project rapidly and objectively through a proven commercialization process, coordinated through several 1:1 consulting sessions, stakeholder interviews, and targeted market research. The output is a clear business-model assessment to accelerate the opportunity in the commercial market, align expectations around the resources needed to appropriately scale the business, and fine-tune a commercial structure aligned to the project founders and the organization.

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The Foundry

Our end-to-end internal innovation program, called "The Foundry" captures, evaluates, and advances high-potential employee ideas. This partnership enables your organization to:

  • Develop and refine an innovation strategy to advance the organization’s overall strategic aims.

  • Create a "new identity" and culture around innovation and entrepreneurship to elevate its importance, inspire creative thinking, and support actionable results.

  • Create a centralized and coordinated approach across the organization and innovation groups to evaluate, prioritize, manage, and track innovation projects at scale.

  • Be strategic about retaining and maximizing the value and impact of current and future Intellectual Property developed within the organization.

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