Centralize Internal and External Knowledge to Power Innovation

Idealy is an information intake and evaluation platform

Highly Customizable

Make your instance your own with customized features. Explore white-labeling, custom analytics and more with our in-house team

Looking For Additional Functionality or Features?

No personalization is out of reach. Our development team will work closely with you to scope and build out customizations designed to best suit your needs and use cases.
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Configure for Single Sign On

Idealy has robust options for configuring Single Sign On (SSO) for your organization. Make it easy for your users to engage

Create a Seamless Workflow

Want to create a seamless workflow for your applicants or configure submission portals to be private to your organization? Our development team will work with your IT department to get SSO instantiated for your Idealy instance
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Boost Engagement

With Idealy onboarding services, your organization benefits from the collective learnings of other institutions

Design An Onboarding Plan To Boost Engagement

Originally built to support our Consulting Services, Idealy has been iterated upon to manage all forms of Innovation. Healthbox’s management team will design an onboarding plan for you to boost engagement, improve efficiency, refine KPI’s, and optimize your innovation efforts so that you can get the most out of Idealy.
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For Users

Idealy is an intuitive and configurable information intake and evaluation tool that reaches, inspires and collects all voices inside and outside your organization and drives decision making. 

  • Simple and intuitive workflow

  • Option for users to engage via ‘likes’ and comments

  • Admins can track in-progress participation

  • Scorers can evaluate assigned submissions one at a time, saving progress and returning to Idealy as their schedule allows

For Organizations

Through the easily-customizable Idealy portals, stakeholders can collect and score submissions, drive awareness of innovation-based initiatives and solicit feedback on a variety of activities from the entire organization. The platform provides inter-departmental transparency and gives your organization a method for prioritizing initiatives of all sizes based on strategic direction, engagement, and overall outcomes. 

More importantly, it can help you bypass the process hurdles and accelerate innovation to support your goals through one, user-friendly platform.

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Success Story: Brigham & Women’s Hospital

Brigham & Women’s Hospital Digital Innovation Hub (iHub) and Healthbox used Idealy to empower employees to present ideas and contribute to innovation, process improvement, and operational efficiency through the DO IT Challenge. The iHub leveraged the power of crowdsourcing to surface 240 pain points by more than 160 employees to reduce time and costs associated with administrative burden. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about SSO, customization, and licensing options. Have a question not listed here? Contact us using the form below.
SSO instantiation allows users to have the same login credentials at your organization, without actually having to login. Idealy will pull the necessary user information in the backend when a user visits Idealy, allowing for a seamless user experience. We are willing to configure SSO for all identity providers – all we need is the appropriate SAML information from your IT department.
Answer: Customers have requested customizations ranging from user engagement statistics, website traffic tracking, analytics to feature automation. If there is a use case that Idealy doesn’t currently support, we’ll build it for you!
The time to implement Idealy depends on the custom services provided with your instance, such as SSO instantiation, personalization, and onboarding services. Idealy implementation can range anywhere from 3-6 weeks from the first point of contact.

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